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Jewelry Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Since the ages, the jewelry pieces are one of the most desirable things among the ladies. If worn properly, it becomes a part of you. With changing times, the trends related to these also change.

To ensure you look your best while wearing jewelry, follow these tips.

Prevent your jewelry from perfume and ocean water

Perfume, ocean water, and sweat are enemies of your jewelry, as they result in discoloring. Therefore, keep your jewelry away from these elements.

Prefer neutral colors

The neutral colors should be preferred, as they offer versatility. These colors can be paired with an array of clothing items.

Match with dress carefully

If you are wearing a heavy dress with embellishments, go for simple necklace and earrings. Conversely, when you don a simple outfit, choose heavy jewelry to enhance the overall appearance.

Try rhodium-plated silver jewelry

A rhodium plated sterling bracelet is durable and is not affected by harsh environmental conditions. The ladies wearing it do not face any form of allergy. It is also quite shiny and resistant to abrasion.

Use airtight container for storing jewelry

Sterling silver can be tarnished due to oxygen. Therefore, when not wearing it, you must put your jewelry in an airtight box. A small ziplock bag is also a good option.

Keep checking this blog section for more updates and tips from the world of ornaments. If you are looking for sterling silver bracelets for women, you can order from Eliest Jewelry. Check beautifully-crafted earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from here.

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